Only 4 Weeks Left to Register For The June 25, 2016 Woodmere Cemetery Tour

located at:   9400 West Fort Street   Detroit, Michigan 48209

There are so many interesting stories of the gravesites we will be visiting.  Read more when you click on the June 25 tour at the right for more information.  The registration form is now available. 

For those of you who have just discovered this website, welcome!   And for those of you who are returning, make sure you visit the different links for information that may be of interest to you.  I am adding resources which I think will help with your Michigan research. 

This website does not belong to Woodmere Cemetery, but the owners allowed me to create my own website and database to assist those doing family research.  If you need to inquire about purchasing graves, headstones, etc., you must contact Woodmere Cemetery.

On July 14, 2015, Woodmere Cemetery celebrated its 146th anniversary and has over 190,000 people who have made Woodmere Cemetery their final resting place.  There are tours and presentations in the works so check the events column and link.  If you are interested in having a tour and the dates of the scheduled tours do not work for you, let me know and I can arrange one for you.

Please note that this website's purpose is to assist those finding their loved ones buried at Woodmere Cemetery. Cemetery records may contain a plethora of information that may assist one in furthering their research.   This is not intended for Find-A-Grave users or any other related website.

Best wishes in your family search.

                                                ~~Gail Hershenzon



June 25
Woodmere Cemetery Tour
We had so much fun last year with this walking/driving tour that I decided to do it again.   We will visit the gravesites of some lesser-known individuals but have great personal stories to share such as the husband of a couple who murdered someone and was hanged, followed by his wife dying the next ...
July 8
Abrams Foundation Family History Seminar
Kris Rzepczynski, Senior Archivist, at the Archives of Michigan does a tremendous job in organizing a weekend seminar designed for all levels of genealogists.  I will be there (topic: Ethics and Etiquette in Genealogy Research) along with keynote speaker, Amy Johnson Crow, in addition to other speakers.  My presentation will be ...
September 24
The Detroit Historical Society
This is a walking/driving tour of Woodmere Cemetery.  Additional information to follow.  Tickets will be available through The Detroit Historical Society only.  All proceeds go to The Detroit Historical Society. 
Detroit's Woodmere Cemetery by Gail D. Hershenzon Image: Photo 3 Image: Photo 4 Image: Vintage Family Photo 2 Image: Photo 6 Image: Photo 2 Michigan Memorial Park by Gail D. Hershenzon